state quarterOpportunity missed in ‘unleashing opportunity’
Condition of the State short on details, long on old themes

Governor Kim Reynolds delivered her first Condition of the State address, but delivered few details to show how Iowa will keep its responsibilities to working families, education and clean water.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement 1/10/2018 PDF

The realities of Iowa education funding

Iowans long took for granted a strong and ongoing commitment to local schools. That is increasingly threatened by budget choices and options being considered at the Statehouse.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder 1/8/2018 PDF

State taxes in Iowa: Don't replicate Kansas failure

Five years later, the Kansas experiment of drastically cutting taxes to promote economic growth has proved to be a dramatic failure.
Peter Fisher guest opinion in CR Gazette

Adequate revenues and tax fairness — keys to real tax reform
As Iowans look ahead to potential changes in the state’s tax structure, there are areas clearly ripe for reform to assure better fairness and revenue adequacy, often without raising taxes or rates.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder
10/19/2017 PDF

US tax giveaways: Red ink, and pain

Tax plan in Washington has nothing long-term for vulnerable Iowans, middle class, or sensible budgeting; service cuts will bring hardship — and our U.S. senators are not telling us that reality

Our senators should have warned us what the 2017 tax bill will actually do. Instead, both Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst are selling only cherry-picked data molded into a messy ball of spin and trickle-down economics, bereft of full context or history.
Iowa Policy Points post

Congress is making a deficit-compounding giveaway to big corporations and rich households at the ultimate cost of services for all, particularly the most vulnerable.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement

state capitol cafoWelcome, Dale Todd, to the Iowa Policy Project board

Dale Todd of Cedar Rapids has joined the board of directors of the nonpartisan Iowa Policy Project. Todd, who last month was elected to the Cedar Rapids City Council, is regional director of development for the Hatch Development Group. He brings a wealth of experience in business and community involvement to the organization.
IPP news release

itepgraphUnions beating unbalanced bargaining law

Forced recertification votes show heavy support for unions

If Iowa lawmakers thought that their Draconian revisions to Chapter 20 could break the back of public-sector unionism, the last two months have proven them spectacularly wrong. Since early September, almost 500 of Iowa’s public-sector bargaining units have been forced into recertification elections.
Iowa Policy Points post by Colin Gordon

culvertsWater: A solution on the books?

Drainage districts have authority to clean water

Over half of drainage districts in Iowa are in the north central area of the state, the Des Moines Lobe, and they are significant contributors to the nitrate pollution problem in Iowa waters and the Mississippi River Basin. Existing legal authority could make them a tool to reduce pollution and encourage responsible stewardship.
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Executive summary (2 pages)
News release

matrixpigsChallenging the ‘Master Matrix’

Rural Iowans raise questions — are state leaders listening?

Proposed large hog operations have to show little to get what they want. “Right now it’s almost not possible to not pass,” says IPP’s David Osterberg.
See our blog post on Iowa Policy Points
Hear David Osterberg's interview with Michael Devine 8/24/2017

Leaving Iowans defenseless under law
Restrictions on nuisance lawsuits latest tool
against local demand for stronger regulation of industry

The public health consequences of these legislative choices are as significant as the governance issues raised by the General Assembly to restrict options for those most affected by economic decisions while giving them no place to turn for redress if state policy is inadequate.
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Executive summary
Hear David Osterberg's interview with Michael Devine 3/23/2017

state capitol cafoMore health coverage for Iowans

New census data show sharp 3-year decline in uninsurance

New data from the Census Bureau show more Iowans had access to health insurance, chopping uninsurance by nearly half in just three years.
See our news release

A better focus for health reform: Fix exchanges

‘Repeal and replace’ obsession distracts from real issue

The problems with the insurance exchange in Iowa are fixable — and not a good excuse to fund tax cuts to the wealthy by forcing tens of thousands of Iowans off health insurance.
Peter Fisher’s post on Iowa Policy Points

How ACA repeal offered more costs, less coverage and a tax break for the rich

The Senate plan: Force millions off health insurance but finance tax cuts to the wealthiest.

Backgrounder 6/28/2017 (or two-page PDF)
Peter Fisher interview with KVFD's Michael Devine

Similar to the Senate plan, the House bill jeopardizes Iowa’s recent health coverage gains and puts the state’s most vulnerable residents at risk.
Peter Fisher report 6/22/2017
News release
Different cost impacts county by county

Could Iowa pick up the tab if the feds cut health care?
Higher costs for an already strapped state budget: IPP news release 6/6/2017
Disproportionate impacts on women and rural Iowans: News release 5/16/2017
Medicaid expansion map 3/25/2017