capitolCondition of the State:
Pay attention to issues Governor left out

Tuitions up, wages lagging — and shutdown? What shutdown?

Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State address was upbeat, but exceedingly short on specifics of issues critical to the prosperity of Iowans. In fact, the speech was most noteworthy for issues that it did not address.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement 1/15/19

Recommitting to public schools
Mistake to divert even more tax dollars to private schools
Iowa taxpayers have a responsibility to support public schools, whether they have children attending them or not. Yet, even while public schools have been underfunded, Iowa taxpayers are asked to support nonpublic schools to the tune of about $66 million each year. Some would even expand this with voucher proposals.
Roadmap for Opportunity — Keep public dollars in public schools
Backgrounder on already generous subsidies to private schools

Iowa is on the right path on IPERS

System works for current, future employees
Messing with Iowa's retirement system for most state and many local public employees — as some have proposed — could eviscerate a well-functioning pension system that benefits the Iowa and local economies.
Roadmap for Opportunity — Pensions 10/25/18
IPP’s Mike Owen on KVFD “Devine Intervention” program 10/25/18

A Roadmap for Opportunity: Putting Iowa on a high road to prosperity for all
An IPP tool for Iowa's challenges of 2018 and beyond — see these two-pagers
• Strengthening public education, no new private subsidies
• IPERS works to boost retirees, economy
• Path to a better future starts with public education
• Tuition, college loan debt rise with state cuts
• Promoting economic security for Iowa workers
• Restoring success of Iowa Medicaid
• What real Iowa tax reform would look like
• Water quality and the Nutrient Reduction Strategy
• Child Care Assistance needs a boost in Iowa
• Building on Iowa’s smart energy leadership

Also, check out the Iowa Fiscal Partnership Tax Policy Kit.

capitolUnclear water, clear problems
Report: Blue-green algae threat grows
— as do water pollution warnings

Sometimes the black-and-white data are obscured by blue-green clouds in the water — but the dangers of growing toxins in Iowa water are clear.

Full report (PDF) 6/21/2018
Executive summary (1 pg PDF)
News release

Iowa Public Radio/Radio Iowa story

matrixpigsIowa's explosion of CAFOs

Rapid growth carries impacts on water quality and public health
Iowa should consider major policy changes including a moratorium on new concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that pose growing environmental and health challenges. A new report also recommends revising the failing Master Matrix.
Full report
Executive summary or PDF (2 pages)1/25/2018
News release 1/25/2018