capitolIowa needs a raise
Our latest State of Working Iowa report shows that over nearly four decades, wage growth is essentially flat for all but the highest-wage workers in Iowa.
State of Working Iowa
Wages Update
or 11-page PDF
News release (4-page PDF)

capitolIowa JobWatch:
June improvement, but
still choppy and slow
Iowa payroll jobs gained in June for the eighth time in 10 months as the unemployment rate held steady at 2.7 percent.
IPP JobWatch statement

capitolOn our blog: Evaluating UI’s
attack on its own Labor Center
Jewels like the University of Iowa Labor Center demonstrate a commitment to the mission of a flagship public institution.
Post by Colin Gordon, UI professor and IPP senior research consultant

Hit “reset” on center closings.
Post by Elizabeth Heineman, chair of the UI history department

Will the leadership of the University of Iowa ever fight back against powerful and greedy forces that have undermined it?
Post by Mike Owen, executive director of the Iowa Policy Project

capitolWorking households
struggle in Iowa

New Cost of Living in Iowa report
details challenges county by county

Nearly 100,000 Iowa working households earn too little for a basic standard of living without public supports beyond health insurance, despite one or more full-time wage earners in the family.

Part 1: Basic Needs Budgets
Part 2: Struggle for Thousands
Map to county-by-county tables
News release

capitolUnclear water, clear problems
Report: Blue-green algae threat grows
— as do water pollution warnings

Sometimes the black-and-white data are obscured by blue-green clouds in the water — but the dangers of growing toxins in Iowa water are clear.

Full report (PDF) 6/21/2018
Executive summary (1 pg PDF)
News release

Iowa Public Radio/Radio Iowa story

capitolWhat We Got with Iowa's Backroom Tax Overhaul
Less revenue for services, more benefits to the wealthy, no reform
Iowa’s end-of-session tax overhaul, hatched behind closed doors with scant disclosure of details before passage, offers unbalanced breaks for the wealthy, a $400 million-a-year cut in revenues when the state already faced mid-year budget cuts and underfunded services. Oh, about those promises of “reform” and simplifying tax filing? Don't bother looking — it didn’t happen.

See our Iowa Fiscal Partnership analysis of the final tax legislation by Charles Bruner and Peter Fisher

See Peter Fisher’s blog post: Five things to know

Iowa Fiscal Partnership 2018 Tax Policy Kit

Mike Owen's interview on Insight on Business

higher ed graphOver 15 years, state slashes commitment
to higher ed in share of university budgets

New on our blog: Tuiton rising — is anyone surprised?
This week’s announcement of plans to raise tuition at Iowa universities should not surprise anyone. When the Legislature cuts back, the regents need to fill in the gaps. And that creates new gaps, in family budgets immediately, and beyond, with — student debt.
Iowa Policy Points post by Brandon Borkovec

Research giveaways: Here we go again
Big profitable companies again the big gainers from $66 million subsidies
Begun as an effort to help startup businesses in research, Iowa's lucrative Research Activities Credit program once again is shown — in an official state report — to be a boon to large, profitable companies that pay no state income tax.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership news release

matrixpigsIowa's explosion of CAFOs

Rapid growth carries impacts on water quality and public health
Iowa should consider major policy changes including a moratorium on new concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that pose growing environmental and health challenges. A new report also recommends revising the failing Master Matrix.
Full report
Executive summary or PDF (2 pages)1/25/2018
News release 1/25/2018

state quarterThe realities of Iowa education funding

Iowans long took for granted a strong and ongoing commitment to local schools. That is increasingly threatened by budget choices and options being considered at the Statehouse.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder 1/8/2018 PDF