Archive 2013-16
Iowa Policy Project/Iowa Fiscal Partnership Reports 2013-16

11/17/16 Assessing Agricultural Policy Implications for the Mississipi River Basin
11/15/16 The Cost of Living in Iowa, Part 3: The Role of Work Supports
7/6/16 The Cost of Living in Iowa Part 2: Many Iowa Families Struggle to Meet Basic Needs
5/16/16 The Case for a Polk County Minimum Wage
5/4/16 Saving Resources: Manure and Water
4/29/16 IFP Statement on 2016 Session
4/15/16 Iowa JobWatch: Jobs up, but slowly
4/5/16 Cost of Living in Iowa 2016 Edition — Part 1: Basic Needs Budgets
3/25/16 Iowa JobWatch: Big bump in the road in February
3/16/16 Grading States: ALEC lauds tax-cutting states
3/14/16 Iowa JobWatch: Good start to 2016 in Iowa jobs
3/10/16 Sales-Tax Sleight of Hand in Iowa
3/8/16 IFP Statement on Governor's Water Diversion from School Sales Tax
3/2/16 The High Cost of Conformity — Coupling Would Dent Iowa's General Fund
2/24/16 Big Money, Big Companies — But Whose Benefit?
2/15/16 IFP News: No taxes, big checks
1/26/16 Iowa JobWatch: Slow month, slow year for Iowa jobs
1/20/16 News: Caution Issued on New (Old) ALEC Report
1/14/16 Grading States: The Lessons of Kansas
1/14/16 News: New website keeps eye on bogus business rankings
1/13/16 Backgrounder: What is the Linn County Impact of a $10.10 Minimum Wage?
1/12/16 IFP Statement: Another view of the ‘Condition of the State’
1/11/16 The Case for a Linn County Minimum Wage
1/8/16 Here a tax break, there a tax break, everywhere a tax break
12/18/15 Iowa JobWatch: Strong Month for Iowa Jobs
11/30/15 Statement: Iowa Jobs Far Short of Governor’s Goal
11/20/15 Iowa JobWatch: Concerns Shawow Uptick in Jobs
11/16/15 Blog: Don't Compound Iowa Tax Inequity
11/3/15 Blog: Privatizing Medicaid — ‘Why?’‘What?’ and ‘How?’ Not Yet Answered
10/20/15 Iowa Jobwatch: Nonfarm Jobs Dip Again
10/13/15 Statement — Iowa Cannot Afford Another Wasteful Business Tax Break
9/30/15 Backgrounder: What is the Johnson County Impact of a $10.10 Minimum Wage?
9/18/15 Iowa JobWatch: Jobs Stumble but Jobless Rate Improves
9/17/15 Poverty Stubborn, Income Stagnant; Good Signs in Health Coverage
9/2/15 Stolen Chances: Low-Wage Work and Wage Theft in Iowa

8/11/15 The Case for a County Minimum Wage

7/27/15 REAP: A Case Study of Stewardship

7/21/15 Iowa JobWatch: Looking for a stronger trend

7/2/15 IFP Statement: Veto words ring hollow

6/19/15 Iowa JobWatch: Job growth ‘painfully slow’

5/27/15 Iowa JobWatch: Conflicting signals in Iowa jobs

4/21/15 Iowa JobWatch: Stronger pace in nonfarm jobs

4/18/15 Who benefits most in flat-tax option bill?

4/9/15 Keeping Ahead of the Kansans

3/27/15 Iowa JobWatch: A bump on the slow path to recovery

3/25/15 More Millions for Millionaires

3/17/15 Iowa JobWatch: Slow-growth start to 2015

3/11/15 Iowa's Problem of Priorities

2/25/15 Balanced Approach: Raise the Gas Tax — Raise the Wage

2/12/15 No income taxes, big checks from state

2/9/15 Iowa: Once a Leader, Now a Laggard on Minimum Wage ($10.10 proposal)

1/27/15 Iowa JobWatch: Positive Note Ends Soft Year in Iowa Jobs

1/14/15 Cementing Inequity: Richest Iowans Pay Lower Tax Rate

12/19/14 Iowa JobWatch: Slow Job growth in November — and the Year

11/21/14 Iowa JobWatch: Job Drop in October

10/29/14 Strengthening Pathways to the Middle Class: The Role of Work Supports

10/21/14 Iowa JobWatch: Job Numbers Inching Forward

9/19/14 Iowa JobWatch: Jobs Rise in August, Still Sluggish

9/18/14 Number of Poor Iowans Remains High, Income Growth Not Widely Shared

9/16/14 Iowa Uninsured at 8 Percent in 2013

9/4/14 Food Insecurity: 1 in 9 Iowa Households

8/31/14 Labor Day Fact Sheet — Iowa: Once a Leader, Now a Laggard on Minimum Wage

8/29/14 The State of Working Iowa 2014

8/27/14 Getting Energized: Wapsie Valley Community Rewarded for Energy Reduction

8/26/14 Iowa Fiscal Partnership — Ten Years of Balanced Analysis

8/18/14 Iowa JobWatch — Beneath Smooth Surface, Job Activity Choppy

7/18/14 Iowa JobWatch — Slow but Steady Growth in Iowa Jobs

7/17/14 A Threat Unmet: Why Iowa's Nutrient Strategy Falls Short Against Water Pollution

7/2/14 Immigrants in Iowa: What New Iowans Contribute to the State's Economy

5/14/14 School Gardens:Raising More than Just Food

5/7/14 Steps Forward in '14 — More Ahead?

4/30/14 How the EITC Hits Home

4/9/14 The Cost of Living in Iowa 2014, Part 2: Many Iowa Families Struggle to Meet Basic Needs

3/13/14 Reducing Cliff Effects in Iowa Child Care Assistance

3/6/14 Big Money, Big Companies — But Whose Benefit?

3/5/14 Iowa: Where Business Taxes are Low

2/27/14 Keep High Quality in High-Quality Jobs

2/26/14 The Cost of Living in Iowa 2014 Edition — Part 1: Basic Family Budgets

2/25/14 Statement on Distributed Generation to Iowa Utilities Board (Osterberg)

2/19/14 The Rich Get Richer: Top Incomes in Iowa, 1917-2011

2/14/14 IFP News: Iowa Paid $36 Million in Research Checks in 2013

1/30/14 Digging Deeper on Frac Sand Mining

1/22/14 State Policy and Economic Growth

1/14/14 IFP News: Statement on Governor's Address

1/13/14 Iowa Budget Dilemma for 2014

12/12/13 Public Pensions in Perspective

12/9/13 Like Falling Off a Cliff: Trying to Get Ahead with the Help of Iowa's Child Care Assistance Program

11/26/13 Child's Play: Creating a Path to the Middle Class

11/13/13 Iowa JobWatch — Special Report — Counting Jobs: A Primer

10/30/13 Managing Water Pollution with Urban Wetlands

9/19/13 Income Down, Poverty Up Since '07

9/17/13 At Doorstep to ACA Implementation, Iowa Sees Decade Drop in Coverage

9/4/13 Food Insecurity Trends Rising in Iowa

8/30/13 The State of Working Iowa 2013

8/22/13 EARN Report: A Well-Educated Workforce is Key to State Prosperity

7/27/13 IPP Statement: Congressmen Should Help Public Understand SNAP

6/19/13 How SNAP Hits Home in Iowa

5/23/13IFP Statement on 2013 Session

5/16/13 IFP Statement on Tax Negotiations

5/14/13 How the EITC Hits Home

5/8/13 IPP Statement: Iowa Leading the Way on Wind Energy

5/2/13 Backgrounder: Issues Surrounding ‘The Bottle Bill’

4/24/13 Reducing Iowa Commercial Property Taxes

4/16/13 Amid Plans to Relax Limits, Business Tax Credits Grow

4/5/13 Expanding Iowa's Earned Income Tax Credit

3/21/13 Promoting Healthier Behaviors Among Medicaid Recipients (CFPC)

3/18/13 IPP Policy Snapshot: Wind Power in Iowa — Lower Rates, Good Jobs

3/5/13 Minimum Wage: Off the Pace Again

2/28/13 Commercial Property Taxes: Reform First

2/25/13 A $40 Million Budget Hole: Persistent and Growing

2/15/13 Iowa Paid $33 Million in Research Checks in 2012

2/11/13 ALEC’s ‘Tax Myths Debunked’ Misses Mark

1/30/13 Who Pays Iowa Taxes?

1/15/13 IFP Statement: Missed Opportunity for Iowa

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