Iowa’s 2017 Session of Suppression
‘Historic’ label no reason to boast
Suppression of wages, voting rights and workplace fairness reigned in 2017
Iowans needed a legislative session that worked to raise family incomes and expand educational opportunity. Iowans had long demanded water-quality measures and accountability to scale back reckless tax breaks. Instead, lawmakers offered a litany of suppression — of wages, voting rights and workplace fairness.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement 4/22/2017

Legislators' attack on the Leopold Center at Iowa State University and other established scientific research came as a surprise. Read about this potential lost legacy.
David Osterberg blog post on Iowa Policy Points 4/19/2017
David Osterberg interview on KVFD-AM Fort Dodge 4/20/2017

As legislators did before him, Governor Branstad put ideology and spin over substantive discussion, collaboration and fact as he signed legislation that repealed predictability for low-income workers' paychecks and introduced fresh confusion for workers injured at work.
Iowa Policy Project statement 3/30/17

CAFOs and the diminished defense of public health

In a legislative climate that increasingly bars local elected officials from protecting the health and financial security of Iowa residents, the means for individuals to respond on their own is threatened as well. The latest area: individuals challenging animal feeding operations in court.
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Cedar Rapids Gazette coverage 3/23/17
IPPontheAirDavid Osterberg interview on KVFD-AM "Devine Intervention" program 3/23/17

chap20challengeAttacks on collective bargaining

Hidden costs, untold consequences for Iowans
Devastating consequences could be predicted before Iowa lawmakers and the outgoing Governor pursued dramatic changes to Iowa’s public sector collective bargaining law.
Full report 2/3/17
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