Dismantling Democracy: Paving the Road Back with Donald Cohen
Iowa Policy Project 2018 Spring Event




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Donald Cohen, ITPISurely you have noticed the attack on government happening across the board in Iowa. Whether the issue is collective bargaining, vouchers to funnel public dollars away from public schools to religious schools, the brutal consequences of Medicaid privatization, along with continued tax breaks to wealthy individuals and subsidies to profitable corporations that cause college tuitions to rise and vulnerable families to do without, the common thread has been constant drive down what we can do together through government, and turn the levers of power and taxpayer dollars over to private hands.

Donald Cohen, founder of In the Public Interest, spoke about these issues at IPP痴 spring fundraiser May 8 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona. Cohen, whose work includes leading local policy victories on living wages, paid sick leave, and equitable economic development, is a national expert on privatization and responsible contracting. His new book, Dismantling Democracy, puts forth a roadmap for rebuilding the "pro-public, pro-democracy movement" we need to achieve an economy and society that works for all.

Cohen's visit to Iowa could not have been more timely.
audience pic from event At a moment when Iowans are outraged at the brutal consequences of Medicaid privatization, mental health service cuts, and direct attacks on public employees, legislators continue to propose ideas like "vouchers" (to funnel public education dollars into private hands) and massive tax breaks for private interests to force even more devastating cuts to public services. From the local to the national level, we see the same failed privatization agenda generating new threats daily to everything from our public transit systems, public universities, and correctional facilities (where for-profit corporations continue to seek ways to increase their footholds), to our VA health care system and the U.S. Postal Service.

Iowa experts were on hand to discuss what they're seeing. They noted the many and growing concrete examples of this trend in Iowa. They included from left (top row) Brad Hudson of the Iowa State Education Association, Morgan Miller of AFSCME Iowa Council 33, Pat Kearns of the American Federation of Government Employees, (bottom row) Bruce Clark of the Iowa Postal Workers Union, Randy Richardson of Iowans for Public Education, and David Osterberg of the Iowa Policy Project.

(Photos courtesy Lance Coles, APWU and Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO)

To learn more about Donald Cohen, founder of In the Public Interest, and his book 泥ismantling Democracy about the 40-year attack on government, and strategies to build a movement to advance 鍍he long game for the common good visit the ITPI website, inthepublicinterest.org.

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