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Budget Choices in Congress: Holding Back Head Start

In addition to providing low-income children with quality preschool, Head Start/Early Head Start means jobs in Iowa. Congress is considering major budget cuts.
See the IPP backgrounder or download 2-page PDF. 3/31/11

Preschool and Its Importance to Middle-Income Families

It's a mistake to believe all middle-income families can afford preschool on their own, as proposals in the Iowa Statehouse assume.
IPP policy brief or 4-page PDF. Also news release. 3/3/11

The Price of Preschool and the Cost of Losing It
A statewide quality preschool program should be viewed as a strong economic development tool.
IPP policy brief or 4-page PDF. Also news release. 2/24/11

Congress' Decision on Child Care Block Grant to Affect Thousands of Iowans

The program affects the ability of millions of Americans and thousands of Iowans to work and keep their children in a high-quality program.
See the IPP backgrounder or download 2-page PDF. 2/15/11

Making Work Pay and Making Ends Meet

If improvements to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit expire at the end of the year, fewer dollars would pass through to the lowest-earning workers and there would be greater need for public assistance for their families.
Read backgrounder or download 2-page PDF 11/22/10

How could it be that 1 in 9 Iowa households had trouble putting food on the table in 2007-09?
Read news release or download 2-page PDF 11/16/10

Covering Iowa Children Better

Increasing numbers of children and their families in every county in Iowa are benefiting from new public health insurance initiatives.
Read backgrounder or download 2-page PDF 7/27/10
Read news release. View map.

Thousands Hurt if Child Credit Gains are Cut Table on ARRA impacts at different income eligibility

More than 48,500 of Iowa’s low- to middle-income families would lose some or all of their Child Tax Credit if Congress does not extend improvements made in the 2009 Recovery Act.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder or PDF (2 pages) 6/14/10
IFP reports on Iowa impacts of ARRA

Another Smart Investment in Tough Times: Expanding Access to Child Care
Strengthening Iowa Program Promises Returns to Treasury, Economy, Families NEW!

Iowa can take steps to expand child care assistance to more working families and assure both quality care and long-lasting returns to the state. Full Report (35 pg), executive summary (5 pg), news release. (PDFs) 3/25/09
Backgrounder on quality, regulation issues. (PDF, 2pg) 4/14/09

Watch Your Step, Working Families
New Tool Helps to Map 'Cliff Effects' for Iowa Families

Working families could benefit if policy makers and advocates use a new tool to analyze policy impacts on family budgets. The nonpartisan Iowa Fiscal Partnership announced the new Iowa Family Resource Simulator in partnership with the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University. Read the news release. 4/2/08

Nov. 1, 2007
Iowans' Health Insurance: Falling Through the Cracks
Iowa Families and the Uncertain Future of Job-Based Insurance
From 2000 to 2006, 88,000 Iowans under the age of 65 fell from job-based health coverage either into the safety net of public programs, or right through that safety net into the ranks of the uninsured. Read our backgrounder.

High Stakes for Iowa Kids as SCHIP, hawk-i Future Debated in Washington

Tens of thousands of Iowa children have a stake in the wrangling in Washington over bipartisan efforts to the 10-year-old State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The compromise package vetoed by President Bush would reach more kids in low- to moderate-income working families who otherwise would not have insurance. SCHIP now reaches 37,000 Iowa children, a figure that would grow significantly under the legislation. Read the backgrounder on SCHIP facts and our guest opinion in the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

. More SCHIP resources from the Iowa Fiscal Partnership: a news release that addresses inaccurate claims about access for undocumented immigrants, and a one-page backgrounder and news release about what's at stake for Iowa. A two-page backgrounder shows how SCHIP successfully reaches uninsured children in working families. Also see KGAN-TV's interview with IPP's Mike Owen.

. More about the health-insurance shortage: Iowans at middle and lower incomes showed slippage in 2006 with a drop in income, a rise in poverty and a lingering rate of uninsurance. Read the news release.

May 3, 2007
Study Backs Moves on Preschool Access
Signals New Iowa Initiative is Step Forward
New research published by the Economic Policy Institute shows the kinds of benefits the state can expect from its investments in early childhood education. Read the Press Release.