Our Board of Directors
The Iowa Policy Project (IPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 2001 to produce research and analysis to engage Iowans in state policy decisions. IPP focuses on tax and budget issues, economic opportunity and family prosperity, and energy and environmental policy. Our staff operates under the direction of a board consisting of prominent Iowans committed to a state where all can prosper.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Iowa Policy Project is to promote public policy that fosters economic opportunity while safeguarding the health and well-being of Iowa's people and the environment.

By providing a foundation of fact-based, objective research and engaging the public in an informed discussion of policy alternatives, IPP advances effective, accountable and fair government.
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A Word from Our Board President, Janet Carl
Janet Carl, IPP Board PresidentAllow me to tell you about a rock-solid resource that many Iowans, particularly progressive leaders, count on in these troubled times for our state: the Iowa Policy Project.

For 18 years, the Iowa Policy Project has provided top quality, objective research and policy recommendations that policy makers can use to make better decisions for Iowa.

I grew up in Iowa, but this state is not the one I grew up in. We used to be number one in education, number one in worker productivity, a great place to farm, to run a small business, to live in a small town or enjoy the advantages of urban living.

A lot has changed over the past 30 years. And part of the reason Iowa is not the same more like Kansas and Wisconsin is that state-level leadership has grown increasingly short sighted and hard hearted. They give away hard-earned taxpayer dollars to huge corporations. They refuse to deal with the environmental problems caused by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and nutrient pollution in our waterways. They refuse to make sure our workers are paid a living wage or sometimes any wage. They are busting unions. They fail to encourage or attract new and good jobs for the people who choose to stay or come here. It is not a great time in Iowa's history.

But the Iowa Policy Project is fighting back on your behalf. We reach out to make sure all Iowans can engage local, county and state policy makers on critical issues, as we do now with our Roadmap for Opportunity.

Frankly, we cannot do this work without your partnership.

We need you to join us, to add your progressive voice to the mix, to insist that policy makers get the facts to make the right decisions for all of us. Whether you care about budget and taxes (and we all have to), the environment, or issues affecting working families in this Iowa that we love, we need you to become a Policy Partner of IPP. Use our information. Add your voice. Contribute financially — for as little as $100 a year, you can become a Policy Partner. You can donate here, securely, and arrange monthly or quarterly support that will cut down on your mail. For more information, contact IPP executive director Mike Owen, mikeowen@iowapolicyproject.org.
Our Board of Directors

Janet Carl, President, is a former Democratic state representative from Grinnell. She recently retired as director of Academic Support for Writing and Speaking at Grinnell College.
Sue Ravenscroft, Vice President, lives in Ames and is a professor of accounting at Iowa State University.
Jennifer Sherer, Treasurer, lives in Iowa City and is director of the Labor Center at the University of Iowa.
Ken Sagar, Secretary, lives in Des Moines and is president of the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.
Paul McAndrew is an attorney in Coralville focused on worker's compensation and disability benefits.
Lana Shope lives in Indianola and is executive director of the Iowa Community Action Association.
Dale Todd lives in Cedar Rapids, where he is a member of the City Council and is regional director of development for the Hatch Development Group.