The Iowa Policy Project's reports have led to hundreds of print and media broadcast stories. The news and op-ed sections of Iowa's major dailies and weeklies give regular attention to Iowa Policy Project research. Findings with a national impact have also been reported in national outlets, including Business Week, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Recent Coverage of IPP Reports & Perspectives

Tax-Increment Financing

"TIF plans create controversy in Iowa City" Oct. 17 Daily Iowan story
"Researcher: Von Maur's Coralville deal worth $16 million" Oct. 5 The Gazette, Cedar Rapids

Nonstandard Work

"What ‘Obamacare’ critics don't tell you" Oct. 14 Des Moines Register editorial
"New report shows shift from full-time to part-time, lesser health benefits in jobs" Oct. 5 Des Moines Register
"Iowa group's survey finds 60 percent of American workers are full-timers" Oct. 5 Radio Iowa
"Study: More people working in jobs that lack health insurance coverage" Oct. 5 The Gazette / Business 380 Magazine

Environmental Regulation

"Environmental Talk Silenced" Oct. 4 Iowa Public Radio

Income and Poverty report from Census

"Iowa sees slight uptick in poverty rate from 2009" Sept. 23 Quad-City Times story

The State of Working Iowa 2011
"Recession's toll takes much from us" Sept. 5 Des Moines Register editorial
"State of working Iowa recovering, but far from strong" Sept. 5 Iowa City Press-Citizen editorial
"Jobs take center stage" Sept. 4 Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial
"Highways are bipartisan no-brainer" Sept. 3 Ames Tribune editorial
"Report: 11.6% of Iowans underemployed in slowest recovery to date" Sept. 2 Cedar Rapids Gazette
"Study concludes Iowa has jobs deficit of 72,600" Sept. 2 Radio Iowa
"Report highlights slowness in Iowa's recovery from recession" Sept. 2 Des Moines Register

Other recent media mentions
"State spends millions for 202 new jobs" [Wisconsin] February 12 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"NE Iowa towns competing to see who can save the most electricity" February 9 Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
"Group objects to state spending numbers" September 27 Des Moines Register
"Johnson County seniors wary of federal cuts" September 20 Daily Iowan
"Iowa sheds 2,300 jobs in August" September 16 Des Moines Register
"Branstad economic goals unattainable, says economist" September 16 Iowa Independent
"Iowa: Small jobless problem, big political power" August 16 Huffington Post
"Branstad veto was a senseless hit on less fortunate Iowans" August 8 Des Moines Register editorial
"What path for state aid to education?" August 7 Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial
"Compete, save" June 5 Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial
"IPP says energy efficiency competitions get results" June 3 Radio Iowa
"Cities encouraged to compete to cut energy costs" June 2 Lee Enterprises
Recent IPP Views on Iowa Editorial Pages
October 18 , 2011
fisher Who are the real job creators?
By Peter Fisher in The Des Moines Register
State and local government is a large and important part of the state economy. And it is the only part that our legislators have real control over. Guest Opinion.
October 5 , 2011
Pirates are safe at Coralville's Iowa River Landing
By Peter Fisher in The Press-Citizen, Iowa City
If Coralville's plans to pirate Von Maur from Iowa City do not make abundantly clear the need to reform Iowa's TIF law, nothing will. Guest Opinion.
September 17, 2011
Deal with facts when talking of debt reduction
By Mike Owen in The Press-Citizen, Iowa City
To deal with the federal debt debate, one must avoid the distractions and forget about silver-bullet, easy-answer "solutions." Start with a firm foundation of facts, then move forward. What are the pertinent facts about national deficits and debt? Guest Opinion.
September 12, 2011
Wellmark's concerns are premature and misplaced
By Andrew Cannon in The Des Moines Register
In developing a health insurance exchange, the task for Iowa lawmakers is to craft a marketplace that attracts consumers and maintains a level playing field to benefit everyone — not just Wellmark. Guest Opinion.
August 20, 2011
Still waiting for comprehensive, principled tax approaches
By Andrew Cannon in the Sioux City Journal
Sound budgeting principles demand that tax credits are targeted and easy to police, benefit the broader community or economy, and have reasonably accurate cost estimates. The vetoed increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit would have met those standards. Guest Opinion.
August 16, 2011
Congress needs a Herbert Hoover reminder osterberg
By David Osterberg in The Des Moines Register
Lessons for today's policy makers from the experience of Iowa's native-born President. Guest Opinion.
August 12, 2011
What's needed in a holistic take on tax policy osterberg
By Peter Fisher in The Gazette, Cedar Rapids
The "comprehensive and holistic" approach the Governor wants for taxes invited his signing of an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, not a veto. Guest Opinion.
August 10, 2011
Governor's veto misses mark
By Lily French in The Press-Citizen, Iowa City
Are we willing to adopt public policy that helps low- and moderate-income working families and the Iowa economy? Guest Opinion.
In May 2003, The Des Moines Register editorial board noted IPP's contribution to broadening the tax and economic policy debate in Iowa:

"One of the few Iowa groups with the courage to challenge the pervasive tax-cut myth is the Iowa Policy Project, a think tank based in Mount Vernon. It issued a report last week based on a survey of the economic literature on the effect of state tax policies on economic growth. Among the conclusions: Cuts in the individual income tax can actually discourage economic growth if they cause a deterioration of public services."