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IPP staff often discuss critical issues facing Iowans with Iowa media. Here are a few examples of radio and television interviews in 2017-18, including several with Mike Devine of KVFD-AM 1400 in Fort Dodge, on his “Devine Intervention” program. IPP has a 20-minute interview with Devine once a week, usually on Thursdays at 2:40 p.m. That program is live-streamed so no matter where you are in Iowa, you can listen in.


IPERS boosts retirees as well as Iowa economy — IPP’s Mike Owen with KVFD's Mike Devine, Oct. 25, 2018
Improving public debate in Iowa — IPP’s Mike Owen with KVFD's Mike Devine, May 11, 2017
Why mess with the Leopold Center?
— IPP’s David Osterberg with KVFD's Mike Devine, May 4, 2017
Did ISU president candidate help or hinder efforts to save the Leopold Center? — IPP’s David Osterberg with KVFD's Mike Devine, Oct. 19, 2017

In the Archives
Clean water — challenges and solutions
IPP's David Osterberg went on the air for a civil conversation with Webster County farmers to discuss issues surrounding Iowa’s “Nutrient Reduction Strategy” to clean rivers, lakes and streams. Hear about IPP's “Choose 2” recommendation to reduce runoff from farms not doing their part voluntarily.

Smart — and not-so-smart — strategies for growth
IPP Research Director Peter Fisher is one of the nation's leading experts on state economic development strategies, some of which can be skewed by politically guided “business climate rankings.” Hear Fisher's perspective in a recent interview with Mike Devine.

Peter Fisher on KVFD’s Devine Intervention about income inequality 1/29/15
David Osterberg on KVFD’s Devine Intervention about Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy 1/22/15Also read his Cedar Rapids Gazette guest opinion (click here)
Mike Owen on CBS-2, Cedar Rapids about child care and household budgets 1/19/15

More from The Devine Intervention with Mike Devine, KVFD-AM 1400, Fort Dodge
• SNAP Judgments — Mike Owen interview 4/9/15
• Clean Water and frac-sand mining in Iowa — David Osterberg interview 4/23/15
• Wage theft in Iowa — Colin Gordon interview 9/3/15
• Local minimum wages in Iowa — Mike Owen interview 9/9/15
• A new tax break for business implemented outside the legislative process — Peter Fisher interview 10/8/15