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Updated February 2020

“Opportunity” is a much-used word in the political and policy arena. Often, in fact, it is misused.

What are the elements of public policy that lead to opportunity? How are we doing on those policies and how can we improve them? This is the focus of IPP’s series, “A Roadmap for Opportunity.”

Our two-page, user-friendly pieces on a variety of topics help to inform the public debate, especially when it is going off track and demands the kind of fact-based foundation that might be lacking. Existing pieces are periodically updated and we also periodically add to the package wth new two-pagers:

pin Strengthening public education — no new subsidies to private schools
pinIPERS works to boost retirees, economy
pinPromoting economic security for Iowa workers
pinRestoring success of Iowa Medicaid
pinWhat real Iowa tax reform would look like
pinReining in the cost of business tax subsidies
pinPath to a better future starts with public education
pinTuition, college loan debt rise with state cuts
pinWater quality and the Nutrient Reduction Strategy
pinChild Care Assistance needs a boost in Iowa
pinBuilding on Iowa’s smart energy leadership
pinExtra requirements penalize low-wage working families

We see this as a good start on shaping the kind of discussion that can move Iowa off the low-road, false pretense that we can cut our way to prosperity, toward solutions that put all Iowans on the high road to opportunity. We welcome your feedback, and we welcome opportunities to discuss these issues with you in your community or in other settings. We already have been to Council Bluffs, Fort Dodge and Johnston for presentations. We are working on others.

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