Flat Tax graphMore Millions for Millionaires
House Flat-Tax Option Showers Benefits at High Incomes
Tax legislation pending in the Iowa House would shower most benefits on higher income Iowans, while reducing revenues by over half a billion dollars.

Nearly two-thirds of the tax reductions go to those with income of $100,000 or more, with Iowa’s millionaires getting 10 percent of the total benefit, or $5,463 each.

Policy Brief
Revised with new data, 3/26/15
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Iowa JobWatch: Bump on Slow Path to Recovery
February Payroll Jobs Dip Slightly — As Does Jobless Rate, to 4.1 percent
Job Deficit graph
Iowa nonfarm jobs dipped slightly in February as the unemployment rate also fell from 4.2 percent to 4.1 percent.

While Iowa's job numbers look better now than at the start of the 2007-09 recession, the state is 41,300 jobs short when accounting for growth in the population.

Iowa JobWatch statement

More about working family issues:

The minimum wage — Iowa, once a leader, now a laggard
• Impact of raise to $8.75: Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen 2/24/15
• Impact of raise to $10.10: Iowa Policy Project fact sheet (2-page PDF) 2/9/15

IPP’s Cost of Living in Iowa — What it takes to get by in our state
Part 1: Basic Family Budgets including County data (map, tables) and County and regional spreadsheet
Part 2: Many Iowa Families Struggle to Meet Basic Needs
Part 3: Strenghtening Pathways to the Middle Class: The Role of Work Supports 10/29/14
Reducing Cliff Effects in Child Care Assistance 3/13/14

Income growth post-recession skewed to Iowa's top 1 percent
IPP news release (or 2-page PDF) 1/26/15
Iowa fact sheet (2-page PDF)
Full report from the Economic Analysis Research Network

Iowa’s Problem of Priorities
Bill Starts Coming Due on Costly, Excessive Business Property Tax Cut
Tax cuts have consequences. In the case of the massive commercial property tax cut enacted two years ago, those consequences have become all too real.
PeterFisherPhotoIowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder (or 2-page PDF) 3/10/15
Peter Fisher's guest opinion in The Des Moines Register 3/6/15

Balancing Out Impact of Gas Tax Increase
Iowa Could Raise the Wage if Raising the Gas Tax to Help Low-Income Working Families
Inequality graph 2015Raising Iowa’s tax on gasoline and diesel fuel by 10 cents per gallon would go a long way toward financing needed street and highway repairs. It also will affect low-income working families disproportionately more than it will high-income households. There are ways to offset those effects.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder (2-page PDF) 2/24/15

No Income Taxes, Big Checks from State
Lucrative program lets big companies erase taxes, and get extra in checks
More companies are benefiting from a lucrative tax subsidy that permits large, profitable corporations to get checks from the state without paying any Iowa income tax.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership news release (or 2-page PDF) 2/11/15

Five Years Later, No Progress on Reforms of Costly, Unaccountable Tax Credits
Five years ago, a special Tax Credit Review Panel offered a report on Iowa tax-credit programs, with some tough recommendations. Policy makers have not responded.
Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen 1/8/15

No Action, Predictable Results
After State Officials' Inaction vs. Pollution, DM Water Works Tired of Waiting
Why should no one be surprised by Des Moines Water Works going to court? It is because the Governor and his administration have failed to act.
Iowa Policy Points post by David Osterberg 1/12/15

Clean Water for Iowans
Frac-Sand Mining: The Threats to Health and the Environment
IPP's David Osterberg, who co-authored a ground-breaking report on frac-sand mining, talked about the issue on Iowa Public Radio's “River to River” program.
Listen to the program 9/2/14

New on Our Blog: Stop Politicizing Water Quality

Water quality in Iowa is so bad that any new initiative to improve our waters is probably a good thing. That said, Iowa farm groups’ new initiative to take action on agricultural pollution of our waters comes with a troubling rollout.
Iowa Policy Points post by David Osterberg 8/26/14

A Threat Unmet: Why Iowa's Nutrient Strategy Falls Short Against Water Pollution

Bodies of water across Iowa increasingly are in peril, and send their problems on to the Mississippi River and on to the Gulf of Mexico. Public policy has failed to address it, and shortcomings of the 2013 Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) promise more of the same.

David OsterbergAaron Kline Full report by David Osterberg and Aaron Kline 7/17/14
27-pg PDF of full report, including executive summary
2-pg PDF of executive summary only
News release or 2-page PDF
Osterberg interview with Mike Devine on KVFD-1400 Fort Dodge 7/24/14

“The Nutrient Reduction Strategy is a blunt tool that takes different approaches to urban and rural runoff, and is especially weak on the larger, rural source of pollution from applied nutrients.” — David Osterberg